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I Am Going.......

I am going……..
11 years ago, I gave my life over to Christ and told him that where ever He wanted me to go, I would go. He has led me to pastoring kids, pastoring an older country church, to pastoring students at WBC. But one thing that I have longed for since I was a little kid, was to be able to go to the mission field. I’ve wanted to be on the front lines, to fulfill the great commandment and preach the gospel to a people of different nationalities, to labor with brothers and sisters that I have never met! With all that being said, when the money was there, the time was never there, and visa versa.
This summer my friend and mentor in the ministry, CJ, approached me about going with him on one last trip to the Philippines. I wanted to go, but my first thought was; “There’s no way that I can afford to pay for this.” I told CJ that I wanted to go, but I would have to pray about it. Time went by, and before I knew what had happened, I had $1200 in my hand. A person who wishes to remai…

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